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11"x13" Bronze Greyhound
Massive 6'x5' Oil on Canvas. Artist Signed
Large New Framed Art. Measures 41"x35".

Framed Art Signed by Terri Hardwick. Each Measures 28"x28".

Artist Signed & Numbered #128 Tropical Art. Measures 40"x36". 

Large Oriental Vase Framed Art. Measures 44"x34"x3".


This page was last updated: August 17, 2018
Bronze Greyhound $350.00
Pastel Oil on Canvas
Oriental Vase
Tropical Framed
South Western Framed Art $60.00
Large Urn Framed Art 
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39"x33" Framed Art.
Set of Two "Floral"
Measures 12"
Triangle Glazed Pottery 
Tall Glazed Vase 
30" Brass Lamp 
"The Mural Project" , 1887
N0340-Three Available. Each Measures 20x23
N0344-Measures 20x20
N0346-Measures 13x13
N0350-Measures 18x22
% Available. Each Measures 22x31
Large Tropical Art
 $15 Framed Art:
​Please Provide Description/SKU When Ordering
Measures 21" Tall
Elephant Stand 
Measures 41"x31"
 Canvas Painting
Each Measures 18" Tall
Two Tropical Tin Decor
Brass Candle Sticks
Set of Three Decor Plates
Measures 11" Round
Measures 13" Round
Banana Tree Plate
Banana Decor Plate
Assorted Art
 $7.00 Each
Designer 30" Mirror
Each Measures 18" Round
Large Decor Plates
Measures 16"x19"
Angel Framed Art
Wool Rug
$25 Silks 

Please Provide Description When Ordering
Measures 30"x24"
Oval Oil Bronze Mirror
4' Silk Plant 
Rectangle 36"x30" Mirror
Iron & Glass Lamp 
Spiral Floor Lamp 
Tropical Floor Lamp 
46"x33" Mirror
Each Measures 49"x39"
Two Framed Tropical
Measures 40"x40"
Abstract Canvas Art
Measures 21.5"x26"
Two Safari Art
Each Measures 23"x60"
 Two Carved Wood Art
Measures 22"x45"
 Thin Tropical Art
Macy's Sanibel Mirror. Measures 33"w, 3"d, 39"h
Macy's Sanibel Mirror
8' Silk Ficus
Measures 48"x39"
Large Framed Mirror